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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Teeth

Recently, I heard from some of Maya's friends that they lost their front teeth. So I expected that Maya's teeth will be wobbling soon. Maya had a Dentist check up yesterday. The Dentist found that her two front teeth are already wobbling a little! I also saw two new teeth are growing underneath them on XRay pictures.
Thank you, Front Baby Teeth, for helping Maya to bite so many delicious food since she was 6 months! Hang in there a little bit more and Teeth fairy will come to take you!

マヤの前歯さん、6ヶ月の時からたくさんのおいしいものを食べる手助けをしてくれてどうもありがとう。 Teeth fairyが来るまで、もう少しがんばってね!


  1. How exciting!! I am still waiting for my trouble makers' teeth to fall... Tooth fairy will have to wait for a little longer to visit our house then!

  2. Hi, Ni!
    Thank you for your comment!
    I'm curious if twin boys will loose their teeth together or not!