I make sketches whenever I find something inspiring and touching. Those moments filter through my mind and create a small world in my sketch book.


Saturday, August 24, 2013


5 month old Hanna is curious about everything around her. Anything can be entertainment for her. Her favorite friend is the Daruma doll on the shelf. she opens her eyes as big as the doll does. She cam just stare at them for a long time.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Maya and Hanna has a strange connection. When one starts to cry, the other one also starts to cry.
Hanna really doesn't like the sound of cry. Hearing Maya's cry, Hanna's mouth turns down in the corners and starts to cry in a second. Maya also cannot stand Hanna's cry. At Hanna's check up, Maya even asked the doctor not to give her little sister immunization, because she didn't want to see her crying... Is this the bonds of sisters?


Monday, August 5, 2013


There is some change in Maya recently. Since Hanna started to smile and giggle more, Maya cannot help feeling jealousy. Hanna is not a cute doll anymore. Mama and Daddy are communicating with her in kindest and softest voices... She says "Mama is only smiling to Hanna, not to me... I guess, it is true when we talk to Maya, we say more like "Do this, Do that! Don't do this and that!" without smile.
She is struggling with her two opposite feelings, overwhelming love and jealousy to Hanna right now. It is another step to be a big sister.