I make sketches whenever I find something inspiring and touching. Those moments filter through my mind and create a small world in my sketch book.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Sleeping together

Hanna had her first birthday last month! On her birthday, Maya was very excited and proudly telling everyone in the school about it. She was holding and kissing Hanna for a whole day. But, toward the end of the day, her mood was getting bad. When we were eating the birthday cake, Maya started to act out and be sulky. It was easy to figure out that deep in her mind, she is very jealous about Hanna… Then, before she went to bed, she asked us if she can sleep in our bed just tonight. So we slept four of us all together in the bed. Maya was so satisfied and slept well in-between Mama and Tata.



  1. I sounds like Maya did very well, I can't believe a year has passed. At least you saw that she seemed proud of her little sister, very sweet. I wish you some peaceful nights :)

    1. Yes, time flies! Hanna started to walk now.
      Since then, Maya wants to sleep with us every weekend… We decided just one night a week. She is looking forward to it!