I make sketches whenever I find something inspiring and touching. Those moments filter through my mind and create a small world in my sketch book.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Okinawa, Slow life #1

We had a trip to Okinawa for one week, before coming back to San Francisco. We experienced a slow and simple life in Bise, Motobu-cho. When life slows down, you'll start to notice small things around you. This town was full of that. Dragon flies, helmet crabs, geckos, playing mantis and more. At first, I noticed every single small creatures all around me and every annoyed a little. But after a while, I got used to the environment and I melted into the life there. As if they accepted me as one of their friends.



  1. How nice,Chiaki! It is what life should be! Often,we forgot about how simple our life should be! I am so glad that you are enjoying this wonderful trip with your family in Okinawa! I heard that it is a great place to be!

  2. Thanks, Ni! We are glad that we didn't stay a resort hotel. That would give us a very different experience. It is near Taiwan. I'm sure Okinawa has some influence from there.