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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Okinawa, Slow Life #3 ~People~

Another thing touched me during the trip to Okinawa was the people. They love to chat and sharing what they have. Even in the market, they must be there to sell. But they seems like they are there just to enjoy being there. The pineapples from an old lady's back yard were so tiny, compared to the ones in the store. But it was so sweet and delicious! An old guy near the beach was watering the flowers in his garden every evening. He told me all about sea turtles. He invited us to his Shaved-Ice stand on our last day and gave us delicious Shaved-Ices.
When the life becomes busy, people tends to create walls around us and become protective. In the end, the life becomes survival and not fun any more. I think I understood why Okinawa people are easy going and have a long life.


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