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Saturday, June 2, 2012


We checked out a book called The Watcher - Jane Goodall's life with chimps from the library. The story of the life of Jane Goodall is inspiring and the illustration is beautiful. We were enjoying to read it for a good night story. There is a one page talking about massacre of wild chimpanzees and a picture that a hunter points a gun to a baby chimpanzee held by a mother. After reading, Maya started to cry and say, "I'm so sorry for a baby chimp!" It took a long time to calm her down.
Then I thought, "How should I explain to her that we kill not only animals but each other?" Should I teach her that human is cruel and we cannot do anything about it? Or we, grown-ups, should learn from children that human is naturally caring and compassionate being and we should notice how terrible mistakes we are making. I agree with the latter one.

The Watcher - Jane Goodall's life with chimpsという本を図書館で借りてきました。Jane Goodallさんの人生を綴ったお話はとっても感動的で、イラストレーションもとても素敵です。その本を寝る前にマヤに読んでいました。絵本の中で1ページだけ、野生のチンパンジーの乱殺について描かれている箇所がありました。密猟者が、お母さんチンパンジーに抱きかかえられている赤ちゃんチンパンジーに猟銃を突きつけている絵でした。読み終わると、マヤが「赤ちゃんがかわいそうだよ〜!」といって、おいおいと泣き出して、落ち着くまでにずいぶん時間がかかりました。


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  2. Oh, she is a sweet little girl. It is sad indeed! I don't know how you should approach that topic,but I believe that we should always look into the bright side of it. We human being can be as caring and thoughtful just like Maya. So, we should always hope for the best!!! ^________^ Happy summer to you!

  3. Thank you for your comment, Ni!
    We are just back from Japan. We had a really good time. In Okinawa, we encountered a sea turtle laying eggs!!! It was very touching. I'll post about it later!

    Have a great summer!