I make sketches whenever I find something inspiring and touching. Those moments filter through my mind and create a small world in my sketch book.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Show & Tell

Maya's class had Show & Tell. When we arrived school, her friends are so excited about it and asked Maya what she brought. All took out their treasures from their backpack and did their own Show & Tell.

マヤのクラスでShow & Tellがありました。朝学校に着くと、何人かの友達がもうワクワクして待ちきれない様子で、マヤに何を持ってきたか聞きました。それから、みんなそれぞれの宝物をバックパックから出して、その場でShow & Tellが始まってしまいました。


  1. I volunteered at a lovely school a few years back and they did show and tell, it was all new to me, but the children were so excited to chatter about their item brought in, it was brilliant. Lovely little sketch!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Julie.
    I couldn't forget their shining eyes. I wanted to share the moment with everyone!