I make sketches whenever I find something inspiring and touching. Those moments filter through my mind and create a small world in my sketch book.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Cards for the fair

I'm very busy and having fun for preparing the products for Renegade Craft Fair on Dec 17 & 18.
Here are the holiday cards...

Renegade Craft Fairが間近にせまり、忙しく楽しい日々を過ごしています。


  1. These are so cute,Chiaki!!! Have a wonderful Fair,and spread your arts out there to warm people's heart!! I wish I could go,but I will be out of the town!!! ......><... But, I know that you will have lots of fun at the Fair! Happy holiday to you,Chiaki! ^_____^

  2. I went to your web site,and love all the new updated works of yours! I love love how you use your daily life as well as your lovely daughter's great adventure in her life for the topics. It is simple,yet so connecting to your viewer's heart. You have done a great job!!!!! I share your web site and blog on my FB page! I am sure that it will be a great hit! ^___________^ ---spreading your heartwarming arts to everyone I know!!!! Keep up the amazing work,Chiaki! Happy creating art! I will work hard,too! ^__^

  3. 頑張ってね。いい成果がでるといいね。この前のクラフトセールでは千秋さんのカードは人気で、全部売り切れちゃったよ。かわいいもんね~。Good luck!!!

  4. Thank you for your warm words, Ni!
    This fair takes place twice a year.
    I recommend to come next time, because there are so many talented artists and it is very inspiring.
    Please share my web site with your friends!

    Happy holiday to you, too!


  5. Michan mamaさん、応援ありがとう〜!