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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Empty Tent

We've just come back from camping at Del Valle regional park, the same camping site as last summer. Last year, one of her friends slept in our tent, but Maya didn't have courage to stay overnight. This time, Maya did the first sleep over in her friend's tent, together with her stuffed animal, pillow and blanket!!!
My husband was very excited about camping again and bought a new big tent and mattress for us to sleep comfortably. It turned out to be too big for two of us, me and my husband........ It looked so empty without Maya. It was cold and long night for us...
Maya seemed to have enjoyed the adventure and grow up a little bit again.

Del Valle regional parkでのキャンプから帰ってきました。去年お友達といったところと同じキャンプ場です。去年、マヤのお友達が私たちのテントにお泊まりしましたが、マヤにはお泊まりする勇気はありませんでした。でも今回、お気に入りのぬいぐるみとまくらとブランケットと一緒に、初お泊まりをやってのけました!


  1. How fun!!! Camping is fun for sure! However, it must be hard to deal with how Maya is getting older and can do things without you guys. I have the same feeling sometime,especially being a mommy. Anyway, so glad that you had fun!!!

  2. Hi, Ni!
    Thank you for your comment!
    It is great to see your kids are growing up, but at the same time, it is sad!!! They are not a tiny baby anymore~!