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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My cat, Flip

One of my cats, Flip, passed away yesterday. He was 15-year-old, but acted like a 5-year-old kid. He has truly believed that he is one of my children. So he would compete to get my attention with Maya and Hanna. He would get upset if I don't serve his dinner at the same time with them. When we all were having dinner, he alway sit on the cat structure being at our eye level to join our conversation.
Several days ago, suddenly he refused to eat, even his favorite milk. It was really difficult to see him getting weaker and weaker day by day. But we did our best to keep him comfortable at home, not at hospital, in his last moments.
On his last night, I slept next to him on the floor. Around 2 am, Hanna was crying at her bed. So I went to her and stayed until he calmed down. When I came back to Flip, he coughed loudly several times. My husband petted him gently and I covered him with a warm blanket. I think that was his last breath.
The next day was unusually sunny from early morning. Flip loved being in morning sunshine. I usually open the blinds for him when I wake up. But I realized he is not coming to the window this morning...
I'm sure he is now laying on the cloud conformably and purring in the beautiful sunshine. And when he wakes up, he will check us how we are doing and anything fun is going on in my family...

Flip, you are always in my heart...

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