I make sketches whenever I find something inspiring and touching. Those moments filter through my mind and create a small world in my sketch book.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

At SF Holiday Bazaar

I just finished SF Holiday Bazaar. It became my holiday time tradition to participate in the craft fairs. It was challenging this year, for I have my baby, Hanna! But I was able to go through it, because my friends supported me and gave me a lot of advices and encouragement. I really appreciate having such creative and caring friends! Thanks, Sansu, HJ and Jeeyoung!

SF Holiday Bazaarが無事に終了しました!3年続きで年末にクラフトフェアに参加しています。今年はハナをお世話しながらの準備で、いつも以上に大変でしたが、友達に支えられながらなんとか乗り切る事が出来ました。商品についてのアドバイスもたくさんもらい、売り手として少しステップアップできたかな?と思える出来栄えでした。いつものことながら、こんなにクリエイティブで友達思いの友達を持つ事が出来て感謝です。SansuHJ Jeeyoung ありがとう〜!

This is my space.
Holiday cards
Hand-carved stamps
Hand-stamped mini cards
New item! Hand-stamped baby onesie
The designs are in the front and back!


  1. wow, your things all are so adorable - i wish i could come to the fair!

    1. Thank your for your comment, Maggie! I wish you were there as a vendor!!!