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Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm enjoying Indian Summer!
We went to Samuel P. Taylor State Park for hiking yesterday. We took an easy trail in Redwood forest. We found one really old Redwood tree. Most of old trees were cut down by pioneers. Redwoods we see today are the ones which grew after that. This old tree suffered by wildfire and has a huge hole that three of us easily fit in. But it is still alive. Young Redwood trees are growing out of the same root and surround the old tree.
It looked to me that young trees are protecting the old tree from human, saying "Don't cut down our Grandpa! Instead, you may come inside of him and feel his energy!"

昨日、マリンにあるSamuel P. Taylor State Parkにハイキングに行きました。レッドウッドの森を歩いていると、際立って大きな古いレッドウッドの一本の木を見つけました。このような古いレッドウッドの殆どは開拓時代に伐採されてしまって、今見る事のできるレッドウッドは、その後に生えたものだそうです。この古い木は、山火事で大きな穴ができていて、私たち三人が楽に入れるほどでした。こんなに大きな穴があいているのにこの木はまだ生きていて、同じ根から若木が何本も生えています。


  1. I have been there, too! We are so lucky to have the nature around.

  2. Thank you, Sansu. I know, it makes me happy to think that those old Redwoods are also residents of the Bay area!

  3. It sounds fun!! I think that you will like Muri Wood in Marin. It is a place where you can enjoy more redwood trees!!! A place that you just have to go and visit!!!! ^___^

  4. Hi, Ni! Thank you for your comment.
    Yes, I've been to Muir Woods, of course! We went to Humboldt state park up north for camping a few weeks ago. That is a great redwood forest, too!

  5. 千秋さんたち、最近自然系のところにかなり凝っているみたいね~。でも、自然の多いところって癒されるよね。何か忘れていたことを思い出させてくれるというか、、、。私たちも近々、癒されに行こうっと、、、。

  6. Michan Mamaさん、コメントありがとう!